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Over several decades Stainalloy has grown to be an established stockist and project managing organization within the oil & gas-producing and -processing industry, power generation and desalination.

The high level of service handles the full procurement cycle according to your client specifications. The dedicated and skillful project teams at Stainalloy, operating in the disciplines of sales, expediting and quality management, will assist through the various project stages. This includes quality control of materials, monitoring and guidance of suppliers, arrangement of documentation, and if necessary, total package delivery to the end customer.

Furthermore, as specialized distributor we offer a unique and extensive product range from stock, which includes packages of high-alloyed steel pipes and related components that comprise of fittings, flanges, forgings and plates.

  • Global project management
  • 10.000m2 stockholding in warehouse
  • Quality assurance, testing and reporting
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Worldwide logistic services to your site
Alloy steel company - Our Corporate Mission

Our Corporate Mission

Towards our clients:

to add value to our clients’ most challenging projects by offering high quality, flexible and competitive total package solutions with drive to innovate and improve our company performance continuously.

Towards our suppliers:

to build strong and long-term relationships with our main suppliers and to create a constant demand by effective marketing, sales and project performance by our employees.

Towards our employees:

to create a challenging and rewarding work environment that encourages personal development, professional growth and entrepreneurial vision.

Alloy steel company - Our Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy

Service strategy:

Based on a one-stop shop philosophy, we handle the full procurement cycle of our clients, including all functions in the supply chain, from sales and subcontracting to quality assurance and expediting.

Product strategy:

To strengthen our market leadership in the niche market for special stainless and alloy steel piping material by offering a wide variety of product ranges from stock. Our stock program in (Super) Duplex and Nickel based alloys 825 and 625 material is unique in the market.

Our services

Alloy steel company - Project management
Project management
Alloy steel company - Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
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Lead time optimization
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Logistic services
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